Tuesday, December 13

dear HO HO…

Well… I wrote & decorated (to the max) my letter to Santa a couple of weeks ago… it can’t hurt to blog it, too - - right!?

… hope you’re reading, Jolly Guy!

IMG_9809dear santa…

how are you doing?  i hope you will make the toys just in time for christmas for all the people - - if they are being good.  please will you send me and my sister ardynn a couple of things? 

arydnn wants a new cup, but not a cup that leaks.  and please will you send me a new jeep with two seats to share with my sister (and a seat in the back for the jeep for my baby, please).  if you can, bring me a “big girl baby”. 

i love you, santa… and how is rudolph doing?  and, please, will you send me a note if you can make the toys!?  i don’t wan to come sit in your lap, but don’t be sad.  why can you see us, but you can’t see us because you live in a different country???

love… grier

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Monday, December 12

turkey time

IMG_9831b So… who doesn’t wish they had a shirt with a big fat turkey on it?? … every girl’s gotta have one for Thanksgiving, so mom whipped us up these beauties & we wore them with a smile.  We spent our turkey day with all of the people we love.  We started off with lunch at Uncle Ray and Aunt Joyce’s.  Need I say?… the food was Y-U-M-M-O.  Ardynn and I both ate until the turkeys just about popped off of our shirts (literally) and then DooDah took us on our normal ride on Uncle Ray’s goofy golf cart.

After visiting with mommy’s fam… we headed out to Popi & Gingi’s ranch in Miles for some more Thanksgiving Day fun.  Gingi’s family from Abilene made their annual trip down to celebrate with food, food, fun, and more food!  Most of the guys and several of the gals gathered outside for some skeet shooting madness… all of the kiddos roamed around and got into trouble… and the big peeps ended the night with a MADLY COMPETITIVE game of charades.  Whew… watch out world – if I got half of my fam’s competitive genes, you might as well go ahead & prepare for President Lewright!  The girls somehow wound up on top… it was a crazy wild game.

To top off the night… mommy kept our tradition going, and let us open our matching Christmas pjs, so that we can start breaking them in for Santatime.  Let the countdown begin!

Hope your turkey day was full of  family, love, gobbling, gobbling, and more gobbling!

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IMG_9826   IMG_9831b

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