Tuesday, September 22

beam 'n' bars

I have been hanging out with my friend, Sydney, a bunch this week. We both went to gymnastics class on Saturday... and I must say that I can't get enough of the gym these days. I get excited when it's announced that we are on our way to gymnastics... I run into the gym when we get there - without any hesitation... I have actually begun to take part in the warm-up (previously the worst part of the hour).... and I am even better about letting the coaches help me on the different events!

As you can see from the photos, we did bars & beam this week... I'm not a pro at the beam yet (especially the one that's 4 feet off of the ground), but I did walk on the low beam by myself this week... improvement, eh? I also like the bar rotation, even if my little hands barely wrap 1/2 way around the big bars. Every once in a while, mom tries to make me straighten my legs & point my toes, but for the most part - she lets me get away with monkeying around! It's definitely more fun now that I have a buddy in the class... Sydney LOVES to play in the donut mat... you'll see several pix of us popping up & down out of it.

Then, yesterday... Sydney invited us out to her GiGi & Pop's house to play. They have 3 big dogs (there's nothing better than dogs to get this girl revved up) and lots of room to run & play in the grass. The weather was perfect, so it could not have been a better day to be outside. The multitude of green grass and sun made for some good photos.... enjoy! Thanks so much to Sydney, Miss Ashley, GiGi, & Pop for letting us come out to play!