Saturday, June 21

I said - NO MORE PEAS, please!

Whoever it was that thought it would be a good idea for me to try all of these new green veggies ----was WRONG. As if the green beans weren't bad enough, tonight dad was trying to force some other kind of green goo down my throat (aka: green sweet peas). I passionately let him know exactly how I felt about eating peas for dinner. Take a look at the video & see for yourself just how much I did not like my green peas. Honestly, I was really putting on a show, because my silly parents could not stop laughing at me! ha!

Thursday, June 19

oh, so talented!

Well, friends... my talents are ever developing and changing! I've been rolling over for about a month, and have now figured out that it is a way for me to get where I want to go. Just for kicks, I sometimes roll off of my blanket a few feet, so that when mom peers over the couch to check on me... she panics for a second, thinking I disappeared. (ha ha... little does she know - it'll only get worse when I really learn how to move!) Mom took this video tonight - just before bedtime.... you can catch a glimpse of me rolling over, but more importantly - you'll see that I can hold my own bottle, too. I have a hard time holding it high enough if I'm sitting up, but in this case - dad gave it to me while I was lying down - so I look like a pro! But don't worry grandmas - they didn't let me stay like this for long... dad held me for the rest of the bottle :o)

Oh speaking of moving around - I have also started to move around my crib like a freight train at night while I'm sleeping; I just can't get comfortable. Well geez... I bet you'd have a hard time getting comfortable too, if you were on a hard mattress, with no pillow or blanket, surrounded by wooden bars - now wouldn't you?? If you check out the attached pictures, you'll see that my mom & pops often find me with my arms and or legs hanging out of my crib. It seems to bother them a lot, but I'm not phased by it. I mean, they can't really complain, after all... I am letting them sleep for at least 10 hours a night - they ought to let me sleep HOWEVER THE HECK I WANT!!!!

Monday, June 16

a new contraption

So - mom & dad took me shopping this weekend. I was hoping they'd get me a fun toy or some new clothes, but no such luck - they decided that I needed a new high chair. Woopy. Actually - it didn't turn out too bad. I get a big kick out of banging on the tray and chewing on the straps. It's pretty nice to be able to sit at the table while mom & dad eat, especially now that I'm on a little more than a liquid diet! The contraption is still a bit big for my scrawny self (you'll see in the pictures that I can barely see over the tray), but I'm sure I'll grow into it! Oh - as an update, I've made some progress on increasing my food selections - - green beans were an acquired taste (by the 3rd day, they were ok) and sweet potatoes are fantabulous (they'd be even better with some marshmallows and cinnamon - the way Aunt Bebay likes them... perhaps she'll sneak me some at Thanksgiving this year)! Love you guys... now, I'm off to make some more trouble.

Sunday, June 15

happy 1st daddy's day

Oh, how I love my daddy! Every day when he comes home from school, all he has to do is walk in the room and I light up like a christmas tree. He is so much fun... he takes me on walks and puts together all of my toys. We take great naps together on the couch. He teaches me about all kinds of sports like hockey, soccer, nascar, baseball, and tennis (just to name a few). Right now - we just watch them on tv, but I can't wait until he can teach me how to play them all, too! I love you so very much, Daddy, and hope you have a fantastic first father's day!!!!

PS - I'd also love to send a shout out to my popi & doodah today.... I wish I were there to give you both a big hug & kiss! I miss you very much & hope you have a happy father's day, grandpas!!!