Saturday, January 10 it's gingi's turn for a birthday!

Today is my Gingi's birthday... yes - another January birthday in our family... we're a busy bunch this season! Even though I can't quite sing you the Happy Birthday song yet - - I do hope that you have the best birthday in the whole world.

Oh, how I love my Gingi... she always keeps me stylin' the bestest clothes & sneaks me the sweet stuff when everyone else makes me eat veggies. wink wink!

Happy Birthday to you, Gingi!!!

Friday, January 9

monkey see, monkey do

As you've probably noticed, I have a lot of monkey-like tendencies... when I was tiny, I liked to eat & pick at my toes (I still do occasionally - when I'm bored in my car seat), I crawl like a monkey (on one foot & one knee), I can pull my feet up to head level anytime I like, & I looooove bananas!

The trick I learned today is no exception to this rule... CLIMBING! I have finally figured out how to get onto our couch upstairs. I lift my foot up to the ottoman, use my arms as leverage, and hoist myself right on up. Yes - I believe I can hear the crowd moaning now... "oh deeeear". But have no fear... I also figured out how to get off of the couch, too.... backwards & feet first. Mom & dad are thankful that I can get off of the couch by myself, but still cringe at the thought of me bouncing back and forth off of the couch cushions. he he he! I've posted video of my new trick for you to see. Listen carefully & you'll be able to hear my sound effects, showing the amount of struggle it takes for a little tike like me to climb onto such a big couch. It's all necessary grunting... no drama added.

I've also added a video of me climbing onto my new horse... a birthday present from Gingi & Popi. Just watch how gracefully I've learned to kick my leg over that baby & ride off into the sunset. Well - ok, so honestly - I can barely wrestle my leg over his back, but boy is it fun once I'm settled. Now - if I can only figure out how my actions are connected to what happens on the television screen... oh well... in time.

The pictures posted here are from today, as well. It was so beautiful outside, so we decided to take advantage of the rare 60 degree January weather & play outside for a little while. This is the first time I've really been able to roam around freely outside since I could walk, as it's been so cold lately & we've been cooped up inside. I had a blast playing in the dead grass & walking back and forth across our yard. Believe it or not - the parentals got out the camera. Surprise, surprise.

Monday, January 5

photo recap of my 1st year on earth

**press play to watch the slideshow, and once again... no tears, please! :o)

Sunday, January 4

ONE whole year to celebrate

Wow - time flies when you're having fun! I'll admit that's a little cliche, but boy with my 1 whole year of experience - I'll say it's true! I turned a year old today & we've had a whole weekend of celebrations! Lots of my family came into town for the big bash yesterday. My Gingi & Popi drove back to Tennessee with us from Texas, so they were here with us several days. My Granna & DooDah flew into town on New Year's Day, as well as my Bebay! We celebrated my Popi's 60th birthday with dinner on Friday night, and then the festivities turned to ME on Saturday.

Mommy & Daddy had everyone working so hard to get the house in tip top shape before our guests arrived. The boys were moving furniture & cleaning up the outside stuff, while the ladies were busy making goodies 'n' munchies. It was so wonderful to have everyone here buzzing around!! Aunt E came early to help, too (what a trooper she always is).

Mommy made my cake for me & although it was the 1st one I ever had (I have nothing to compare it to).... the pictures will show you that I thought it was pretty tasty. She was a little nervous about how it would turn out... but I should have told her that it didn't matter one bit what that sucker looked like.... I'll devour anything coated in icing!

My daddy was in charge of helping me open my gifts... and boy what a job that was. Geez... how much work do you expect a one year old to do, huh? I was pooped after the 1st couple of boxes, but dad kept my attention & I hung in pretty well. With a little bit of unwrapping help from my buddies Mia & Caroline... we finally got them all open. I got all kinds of clothes, toys, & books. It felt like Christmas all over again.

If I do say so myself, my party was quite a success! If you're wondering my definition of a success: lots of my friends came (big & small), I got tons 'o' fun gifts, I got yummo food, & nobody ate my little cake before I dove into it :o)

Gosh... I am one LUCKY girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my fabulous friends who came to share in my birthday celebration.... it would not have been the same without you. I only wish ALL of you back in Texas could have shared in the fun, too.
*** I also promise to add a good video of me eating my cake soon..... stay tuned!!!

*see the entire lot of pictures here....
G's birthday bash photos

All day today - mom & dad kept talking about where they were one year ago today - contractions, cars, hospital, phone calls, family, blah, blah, blah..... I think everyone can agree that the best part of that day happened at 5.05am, when I finally joined this world in the flesh - hahaha! So, to commemorate... here are just a few pictures from one year ago today & a few from TODAY (at exactly ONE year old), so that you can compare. NO TEARS please :o)

whoa...big mommy & patiently waiting daddy

me on the 1st day of my life.....

me on the 2nd day of my life....

me today.... I haven't aged at all, eh???