Saturday, October 25

find the pumpkin

I am beginning to like this halloween stuff (or pumpkins at least). I now understand what my "pumpkin" is & I can find it upon request. It makes for a fun game of "hunt the pumpkin". In the 1st video below, you can see that I certainly know what my pumpkin is!

I also hunt for my box of O's (aka: Cherrios) when asked, too. Lately, I've been sharing my O's with my buddy, Keecha. Yes - that's one of my doggies. Unfortunately, I have not mastered how to feed them to her, so lots of times - I end up eating the ones she's licked (see video #2). Mom seems to think this is gross, but it doesn't bother me a bit. Sharing is good, right?

Wednesday, October 22

i got teeth... so give me some BEEF!

I officially have my 3rd tooth (at least the tip of it anyway), so I thought it was only fair that mom & dad share their tacos with me last night. Am I right, or what? Well, I did not get actual tacos, but mom did set aside some of the ground beef for me to try & boy did I love it! The mmm mmm sounds & smacking were out in full force as I munched away (see in the video). She also gave me some cheese & strawberries, too.... on top of my chicken & rice baby food.... so I had a nice FULL tummy after dinner last night!

You might have to click on them to make them bigger, but hopefully you can see my new tooth in some of these pix. Also -mom snapped a few pictures of me crawling in & out of my toy box last night. I needed the toy at the back of the box & I could not reach it, so I dove right in to get it. No worries - I did it with ease.

can you see my tooth???

in & out of my toy box

Tuesday, October 21

mexican & target

Yesterday, mom & I met Mia & Kellye for lunch.... mexican - our moms' favorite treat! The wait staff was friendly & kept us smiling. We also made a big big mess of cherrios & goldfish on their floor, and shared our thoughts (loudly) with all of the neighbors in the area.. hehehe.

After lunch - we headed off for a trip to Target. As many times as we go to there, I'm beginning to think that Mia & I could work at that store, or at least model their clothes!

Monday, October 20

fort worth, san antonio, austin, & back

whew!..... all of this in one weekend will wear out a girlfriend. We left for Texas on Thursday afternoon, but I was not aware that we were going to travel the whole state!

On Thursday night, I went to my 1st football game... TCU (bebay's alma mater) vs BYU. For the occasion, mom let me wear purple (let's just say - it's far from her favorite color) and I must say - it was pretty darn cute on me! My bebay made me a really cute jewelled TCU hoodie, too (no pictures yet). - so I was really stylin'. It was a fantastic game... the horned frogs whipped some cougart tooshie!

From the game, we headed out to San Antonio for the Amer. Dental Assn. Meeting. It was a late drive for Popi... we go to SA around 4am Friday morning. San Antonio was a blast. Daddy & Popi had a great time at the meeting, while Gingi, mom, & I shopped a bit. We got to eat at some fabulous restaurants. Even I got to try some new stuff.... asparagus, pear/peach cobbler, spaghetti. They'd pretty much give me anything to keep me quiet. ha! I did not so much love the crib at the hotel, so I made my way into bed with mom & dad again on this trip. You can see the picture of me snuggling with daddy one morning.

On Sunday, we drove to Austin to see all of my sweet family there. I had a great time with my cousins & my great grandma's doggy - JJ. Once again - the trip was quite a doosy, but well worth it. I've included a couple of short videos from the trip & a slide show of pictures. Hope you enjoy!

dancing with daddy

jj licking me up & down