Thursday, July 23

queso, queso, quesoooo

Can you honestly say that after all of the chips are gone from the chip 'n' queso appetizer at the your favorite Mexican restaurant.... you've never wanted to pick up the bowl of queso & lick it clean?? ... come on - be honest now. I bet it is safe to say that my urge to "clean" the lid of the queso container was not so far off base, right?

Well... unlike most of you civilized humans... this 18 month old is not afraid to act on her impulses. That's correct... after scraping up the last bit of queso on the lid that mom gave me at dinner the other night, I proceeded to enjoy the leftovers, too. Don't be so shy next time you get the urge!!

Also... I have perfected my "look" & have been giving it on cue for some time now... so you'll have a chance to see "the look" again in the video below. I know - I'm super funny, huh??

Sunday, July 19

all in 1 week???

So... I am not certain what got into my parents this week, but they decided to toss me into a few new activities here in San Angelo... all in the same week :o)

I've been missing my playtime with my buddy, Mia, since we left Nashville, so mom & dad thought it might be a good idea for me to get to spend time with some other kiddos at Mom's Day Out (at the same time... giving me a small break from my mad momma - - well, ok - I guess it might be more of a break for her.... I suppose I might be a tad bit clingy & in need of a little socialization - ha!) This was my first week & the teachers all gave me a great report. I had a blast playing with some new friends, and was even hesitant to leave the playground when mom came to pick me up Tuesday afternoon. I'd say that every girl needs a little playtime now and again.

As if the newness of Mom's Day Out was not enough for one week, I started gymnastics class at CVG (Coach Todd's gym... where mommy coached in high school & college) this weekend. Saturday was my first day, and although I was the youngest in the class... I'd say that I didn't do too bad. The class started out a little rough (aka: I whined & cried while latched on to mom's leg/arm/neck), but by the end... my hesitancy wained a bit & I was happy to let the coaches help me do some things (the girl coaches at least... I'm still keeping my distance & am a wee bit hesitant about letting any guys get to close at this point). I think that this gymnastics stuff might just grow on me... after all, I look darn cute in that leo, eh?

Oh.... and we were finally home over a weekend, and got to go to church today. The nursery was a little new to me, so as most who know me would expect... I burst out in tears as the sweet girls pried me from my daddy's arms. But, don't worry too much... by the end of church, I was blowing kisses to everyone & romping around with the other kids. I just like to push the guilt on the parents as they leave me with strangers... poor guys :o) Sorry... no pix from church, but there are some from my other "firsts" this week... enjoy!
before first day of Mom's Day Out (above)
first Mom & Me class @ CVG (below)