Saturday, August 30

a fish called grier

If it wasn't before, it's official now - I LOVE the water! We went out on the Royea's boat today & I enjoyed every second of it. They have an awesome boat. I got to work on my tan (I must add that mine is still better than mom's). I also enjoyed watching everyone wake board (they did not offer for me to try - boo!) and playing with my buddies, Alek & Ashton.

Later, they threw me in the water to see if I would float.... ok, ok... they actually placed me in the water with daddy & a life jacket, but "threw" sounds so much more exciting :o) I loved swimming in the lake. The life jacket from my "Daddy Joe" was perfect. Everyone was shocked that I was so comfortable lying on my back. I enjoyed floating & kicking my legs. Once again, the video is a bit ghetto, as mom did not want to lug the video camera on the boat, so it is taken with our regular camera, but you'll get the picture.

It was a fabulous day at the lake... I was out like a light the second I hit the car seat. Thank you Ms. Jenn & Mr. Chris, for letting us hang out on your boat today!!!

Wednesday, August 27

peas 'n' carrots

Yes, I said peas & carrots... believe it or not, I've come to love them! ...and I must add that I am getting better & better at feeding them to myself, too. When mom first started giving them to me, I'd say that about 1 out of 20 of them made it to my mouth - the rest she'd find smashed into my highchair :o). These days, I have improved a bunch & my success rate is around the 80% mark (hey, nobody's perfect, right?). I still get sidetracked by things, such as a goofy dad making faces at me or a weird dog on the floor just waiting for missed peas to drop (see the video #2), but I'm definitely improving. Now - if they'd just give me a cupcake or candy - I'd get every last crumb in my mouth!

Everyone around me has also been hounding me to wave "bye bye". It seems like that's all they do around here.... bye bye, grier, bye bye.... bye, bye, grier! ... and most of the time, they're not even going anywhere. I get really confused? But anyway - I do occasionally decide to wave to them, just so their feelings don't get hurt. I think they might have caught one of my rare waves on camera in the third video. Lucky them.

Ciao for now peeps... catch ya later!

Sunday, August 24

road trippin' with mia

We made our final road trip for the summer this weekend. We went to Knoxville with the Johnsons for Laura & Tom's wedding. The trip down was not too pleasant - my teeth were hurtin' & Mia's were too, so we let our parents know that we did not appreciate being stuck in our car seats for hours on end.

Despite the fussiness - we did make it (in record time, thanks to Uncle Bill - ha!) and the wedding was fantastic. I'm not sure why, but our mom's insisted that we sit at the very back of the church, just in case Mia or I decided to SPEAK NOW & NOT HOLD OUR PEACE during the ceremony. We did pretty darn good at the wedding & we even held our own for a couple of hours at the reception, too - loud music, strangers, and all . The wedding & reception were absolutely beautiful and it was fun to see all of mom & dad's friends.

After the wedding, we went back to the hotel & had a pizza party (actually... come to think of it - neither Mia or I got any pizza... hmmm?). You'll see in the video and pictures that we had a great time rolling around & playing on the bed. We topped the trip off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning, where we got to play in the rockers outside & eat like big girls at the table. Mia & I were pooped, so we slept the whole way home - you are welcome moms & dads!

CONGRATZ to Laura & Tom... thanks for letting us lil' ones crash the partaaaay!