Friday, June 13

was that a giggle?

As you can probably tell by now... I am a happy baby! I smile all of the time.. and I squeal a lot too, but it's not too often that I let out a giggle for my mom and dad :o) They've been trying to catch me on camera for a while, but I get camera shy (ha ha - me?.. camera shy?). Just last night - daddy was tickling me & I think they might have captured a "mini-giggle". They have attached a video & if you turn up your volume and listen really carefully - you just MIGHT hear a giggle or two. Mostly I'm just squealing, but nonetheless... I have to say the video is pretty cute! You'll see that daddy is goofy. You know - it's not fair that he can tickle & torture me like this - - I can't even get away from him yet. I'm sure I'll get him back - someday.

Tuesday, June 10

chow time... NOW!

I was so stinkin' hungry tonight - - I had to practically scream my head off to get mom & dad to give me some food. They wouldn't listen for a while, so I just kept getting louder! I've been trying to train my poor parents for the past 5 months, but sometimes I still have to scream to get them to listen. Boy, I was starving! Oh - and I didn't want a boring old bottle... NO, NO.... I wanted the real food that you big people eat - APPLES & PEARS - now that's what I'm talking about!!! So - back to the story .... after a minor fit, (thrown by yours truly) my mom finally took the hint and got out the chow. You'll see in this video that I was really excited about my dinner tonight. Too bad though, mom says I've gotta try veggies tomorrow... anything green could not taste good, right??? Stay tuned for an update!