Wednesday, November 5

i love fall in tennessee...almost as much as my daddy!

This post is just a hodgepodge of my week... enjoy!

Obviously, I don't have experience with fall in any other part of the country, but boy have I been enjoying the weather here in Tennessee the past few weeks! Mom's been taking me outside to the park or on a walk almost every day. The trees are absolutely gorgeous and the temperature is perfect. Ahhhh - what a life for a baby. The only downside is that it's getting dark at about 5 o'clock every night, so daddy does not usually make it home in time to go with us.... but - on Monday, he got home a little early & took a short break from studying, so that he could push me on the swings. I did need a little fleece, that night... it was chili... but I was all set, thanks to my sweet Aunt Terry in Abilene :o)... the jacket she gave me last winter now fits me perfectly!

Tuesday was definitely crazy- we spent ALL day watching Fox News & CNN (not that we don't do that every day - mom's a nerd!). Mom kept saying to daddy "I don't know why you're so surprised" and daddy kept covering my ears & saying something?!?.... hahaha! It seems that this presidential election did not go the way mom & dad were hoping, but nonetheless - they both agree that it was an AWESOME & historic day for our country, as Mr. Obama will be the first African American US president. It is pretty cool that I won't remember a time before that was possible. Mom told me that I should be proud to live in a nation where everyone has a chance to follow their dreams. She was a little teary during both Mr. McCain & Mr. Obama's speeches. At the end of my night... we all took a break from the coverage and daddy had me laughing like CRAZY... I mean come on... somebody needed to lighten the mood :o) (see the 1st video at the bottom). I could still hear mom and dad discussing election business with the television on as I fell asleep, but I woke up this morning & things seem to be fine.... so I'm not too bothered by it all. I just pray that all this "change that's comin'" is the right kind! I tried to tell all of you loony liberal donkeys & crazy conservative elephants.... perhaps you'll listen next time & vote for SNOOPY in 2012!
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Below, you can see a video of me swinging today at the park... but consider yourself forewarned, as it's a little shaky.. ha! If you look closely, you'll see my third & fourth chompers. Yippie!

After dinner tonight - I got into a little trouble... fooling around in the pantry (don't worry - not real trouble). Please excuse my mom's mess of a pantry/laundry-room, but enjoy these mischievous pictures, too!

... and oh, oh, oh how I loooove my daddy these days! My new favorite word is "daaye" (aka: daddy). Anytime mom asks me "where's daddy?".... I start looking around & calling for him. I will even reach for upstairs, where he studies every night.

Today at the grocery store, I kept calling the checker dude "daaye, daaye"... but I don't think it was him... he just looked at me funny & said "noooooo". In the video below, you might be able to hear me say my new favorite word & boy can I see it melt my daddy's heart every time.