Monday, May 25

talking goober delux!

That's right... I'm not ashamed of my gooberness.... in fact, I'm so proud of being goofy, that I decided to add the video below & show you all what a ham I am.

It showcases a little bit of my new talking skills, but mostly is a bunch of nothing but silliness.

Prepare yourself for a long one... there's a lot of gooberness to show, so I just could not cut it down any more than this :o)

Do you see comedy in my future??... or a straight-jacket???

hamming it up with uncle mike

My Great Uncle Mike was here last weekend for Daddy's graduation & he spent the week working on some genealogy stuff in East Tennessee... but on his way back to the Nashville Airport, he stopped for a couple of nights & visited with us again.

He's a ham, just like me... so he taught me a few new tricks. You can see how goofy I was acting with him in the video below. We also took a walk around Radnor Lake... a beautiful lake in Nashville, where we saw all kinds of animals... geese (& 5 little gosslings), deer, & turtles. I was a little loud & rambunctious..... & probably scared off some of the sweet little inhabitants around the lake, but - everyone needs to experience a little Grier-mania goofiness at least once, right???

It was a wonderful visit & we're so glad that Uncle Mike decided to spend some extra time in Nashvegas before heading back to Big D. Love you, Uncle Mike!