Wednesday, September 24

gumball machines, grocery carts, baths...

... these are a few of my favorite things....
So - the only "gumballs" that I know are big & plastic, and they go into my toy gumball machine. It is pretty self-explanatory... you put the gumballs in the top, push the lever, and they come out the bottom with a lot of fun noise and music to drive mommies & daddies batty. I have had my gumball machine for a couple of months, but it has taken me a while to get the hang of it. After a couple of weeks with the toy, I could push the lever to make the gumballs come out, but just yesterday... I started putting them back into the top. Just when mom & dad were giving up on me... I did it! woo hoo! In the 1st video below, you can see my gumball machine skills. You'll notice that I have a little trouble pushing the lever hard enough, but daddy helps me.

Earlier today, I got to try out my BRAND NEW shopping cart cover. My amazingly talented & sweet Gingi made it for me. My nutty mom could not find one that she really liked, so she begged Gingi to make one for me out of her 2nd choice nursery fabric. She did not have to beg hard... Gingi said she was up for the challenge. Yeah right - it was obviously not a challenge, because that cover is perfect! I was definitely the most stylish baby at the grocery store today. I suppose it's better that I have a cover now, because I really like to gnaw on the shopping cart while mom's driving. This way I won't lick up all of the nasty germs on the handles. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Gingi... I looooove my cart cover. Mom let me gnaw on the cover as much as I wanted today.

Finally... in the 2nd video below, you can see that still LOVE taking baths. I get very excited when mom or dad starts to run my bath water. I crawl right on into the bathroom... see for yourself!

Tuesday, September 23

lunch w. aunt e & chowin' on chickin

Oh, how I love my ewicka ("aunt e" for short). Lucky me - I ate lunch with her today at Subway....and I've finally put on enough pounds (ha!) to wear the blue jean skirt that she gave me many months ago. I must say that it looked quite darling with the sheer butterfly top that my Popi brought to me from NYC a while back. Boy was my outfit hot today!

I should also mention that I have decided to boycott the Gerber Puffs that mom gives to me a million times a week. Mom's a little bummed, because that used to buy her at least a few short moments every day to clean up the kitchen. Part of the problem is that they've begun to give me more big people food. Aside from the ever so popular peas that I've come to love, over the past few nights - they've let me have shredded chicken, a nilla wafer, and chicken 'n' rice. Enough is enough on the puffs, mom! Bring on the meat and potatoes!

Well, no videos for you tonight (mom's been slackin'), but enjoy the pix. I'll try to do something "video-worthy" tomorrow :o).