Monday, February 27

yeeeehaaaw… rodeo week

IMG_4462 As you may remember from years past… my daddy is a lover of all things rodeo!  We always hit at least one performance of the rodeo here in San Angelo, but this year we may have gone a wee bit overboard!?  As a family, we went to 3 rodeos… Thursday night with DooDah, KK, & Uncle Brandon… Saturday afternoon… and Sunday afternoon with Gingi & Popi.  Oh yeah – I got pretty good at knowing what came next.  All of the bulls ‘n’ cows ‘n’ horses were fun & all, but would you be shocked if I told you that my “bestest part” was the cotton candy!?  I’m not ashamed to admit it; I love cotton candy almost as much as mommy loves coffee.  The Bean loved the cotton candy, too… and she even managed to make it through almost every second of each performance… trooper!  The toughest part was deciding what to wear each time… a Texan’s gotta have herself a few different cowgirl outfits, so mom & I pulled out my boots & matched up some right pretty rodeo getups!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures from all of the performances, but mom did manage to take some on Thursday night… so enjoy!

We also had rodeo day at school on Friday.  Mommy came & helped Mrs. Coffey, my teacher, with all of our festivities.  We had barrel racing, panning for gold, cowtown music, & lots more… it was a blast!  I just might have to think about looking into this cowgirl business…. it sounds like a pretty good deal to me:  a beautiful horse, lots of blingy accessories, handsome cowboys, cotton candy anytime the craving hits - - - SIGN ME UP!

IMG_4458 IMG_4459 IMG_4460 IMG_4462 IMG_4463 IMG_4467 IMG_4468 IMG_4471 IMG_4473 IMG_4478  IMG_4482 IMG_4487IMG_4486IMG_4497IMG_4481 IMG_4496

frazzle dazzle… not all ruffles & glitter…

IMG_4536That’s right… I may be quite girly most of the time, but that’s not going to stop me from playing soccer!  I am so excited about my soccer team this year –  Frazzle Dazzle.  My daddy is helping to coach, along with Coach Michael, Jaylee’s daddy… and we are having a blast!  Our first game will be this next weekend, but we’ve had a couple of practices.  We may not be IMG_4595exactly sure of the rules, but there’s no doubt – we know ALL ABOUT kicking a ball.  Mom  showed up with her camera this last week…. and voila… a thousand photos for you to see… do we got skills, or do we got skills???




IMG_4528 IMG_4529 IMG_4531  IMG_4538 IMG_4548IMG_4551 IMG_4552

IMG_4553 IMG_4554





IMG_4582 IMG_4587



Frazzle Dazzle…

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