Saturday, April 11

not too close, big bunny!

Last night, the parentals put me in a dress, loaded me up in the car, & took me to see a big bunny at the mall. It was all very exciting when I saw him from across the store... he HUGE & in a cute yellow outfit... I waved & waved at him. I suppose that my initial excitement made my parents think that I might want to get a closer look, because mom took me right up to shake his hand. Hello!.... did anyone think to ask me if I had any desire to touch that big 'ole bunny? I mean - what did they expect for me to do?... he was ginormous & had ears as tall as me. Wouldn't it freak you out a little bit, too? So - I tried my best to be polite and not scream, but a few whimpers & freaked-out faces slipped out.

I suppose that it was not quite as traumatic as sitting in the big bearded guy's lap a few months back, but I just wonder what all the fascination is with this stuff!?

On the way home... I was being a little goofy in the back seat, so mom snapped some pictures. Seriously - can't a girl just act a little goofy every once in a while without having proof of it plastered on the Internet?? Geez - so, sorry for the not-so-lady-like photos below :o)

Wednesday, April 8

kisses, kars, & kartoons

Mom took me over to Mia's house this morning for a play date. As always, I was so excited and happy to see my bestest bud. Mia was just as pleased to see me, as you can tell by the photos of the sweet kisses that she kept planting on my cheeks... what a friend!... we love each other.

We also love each other's toys. Mia has a fun car & every time we visit, I spend the majority of my time sitting behind the wheel. Mia is so nice to share her car with me & lets me sit in it as much as I want. We take turns riding & pushing one another.

Today was a blast... we also traded hair bows (now that I've got real clippy bows - we can switch off)... fed her puppy, Rocky... fed each other... watched some cartoons... dug into my purse. Oh, it was a hard day of work, so we both hit the sack after our date. I miss you already, Mia!

PS... hope you're practicing your egg hunting skills for this weekend... i'm gearing up for the big search!!

Tuesday, April 7

twenty pounder

Flip that baby around & give me a window seat!... I went to the doctor yesterday for my 15 month check-up, and I weighed enough to turn my car seat forward... 20 pounds 1 ounce.... whoopie!

That's about the only good thing that happened at that stinking appointment, though... once again, that wacky doctor tried to stick all kinds of things in my ears & mouth... poked me all over... and then he had the darn nurse give me 2 shots. Holy cow - when will that crazy sticking business end?

I guess he was kind enough to give me a good report card; he said I am right on track with all of the 15 month milestones (including the stranger/doctor anxiety). My weight is in the 8th percentile.... my height (31 inches) is in the 58th percentile. I'm healthy as a horse.

So - just to give it a whirl, we went for a spin last night. I was not sure what to think of my forward-facing car seat at first (see the puzzled-look photos below)... but by the end of the ride, I was happy to see my mom turn around & look at me... so I shot her a big grin.

Love you guys... hope all is well with you! Word out.

Sunday, April 5

spring's sprung & packing's begun

The sun was up this morning and I actually got to wear a springy dress to church. Woo Hoo! You guessed it... photos coming right up!

Oh, yeah - - so, I hear that there is a big bunny with eggs 'n' stuff coming to visit me next weekend.... interesting!? Well... the weather was beautiful today, but I hear that there are SNOW flurries in the forecast for tomorrow, so I hope that big bunny has a scarf & mittens, because I sure would not want to be hiding Easter Eggs in the snow if I were him!!

This afternoon, we got a jump on packing. If I do say so myself, I was a big help in the paper department... mom would let me stuff paper into the boxes with the breakables. I also made sure that Socky would fit in every single box... not to worry - she does fit, so we won't be leaving her behind! Just for kicks, I tried out a few of the boxes myself... I was a tight fit in a couple of them, but I fit quite nicely in most of them. :o)

Mom made a pot roast tonight... and I enjoyed every second of the smorgasbord. It smelled so good & tasted so good... I did not stop with putting it into my mouth... I just went all out & rubbed it all into my hair & all over my feet. Below is a video clip of me eating. If your tummy is easily upset, you might think twice before pressing play. I must admit - I was a little messy with dinner... ha! But what fun it was! WHAT??... do you have a problem with my food art skills?

After I decorated myself, mom & dad farkled to see who would have to give me a bath. Daddy lost, so he carried me straight from the table to the tub. But it left mom to clean up my mess in the kitchen... I'm not sure who came out on the good end of that deal?!?

alek is SIX!

Gosh, I had a blast at my buddy, Alek's, birthday party yesterday. He has an awesome new house, with a bunch of land... so there was plenty of room for us kiddos to run around & get into trouble.

He also had a trampoline & two inflatable bouncy thingys... so I got my first try at both of them. You'll see my other friend, Dylan, in some of the pictures. Mom worked with Dylan's mom at Opryland and it was fun to meet them!

Happy Birthday, Alek... thanks for inviting us to your party... what a great time!