Wednesday, February 18

break out the bubbly... daddy PASSED!!!

I understand that it is not necessary for me to tell all of you that my daddy is the most wonderful & amazing & smart & awesome guy on the planet.... you already know that.... but now there's no doubt... he's going to be a dentist!!!

After a truck load of hard work, a multitude of hours spent studying, a dreadful 2-day test, and a few weeks of patient (and impatient) waiting... the mailman delivered the good news today........ HE PASSED Part II of the Dental Board Exams with flying colors.

He has been such a trooper and has put his heart & soul into this dream. Mommy and I are beyond proud of him. What an outstanding accomplishment, daddy... I LOVE YOU!

We cannot thank all of you enough for the prayers, thoughts, love, and encouragement. Like daddy said, this was definitely a group effort!! The light at the end of the tunnel is looking a little bit brighter today!!!

celebrating with daddy... not enough clapping in the world to do this moment justice

daddy checking just one more time to make sure before calling Popi.... YUP.. see for yourself!