Sunday, November 1

pebbles & a princess

Whoa.... I had heard through the grapevine that Halloween was supposed to be a lot of fun, but I had no idea that all I had to do to get several pounds of candy was to dress up in a costume & put on a cute smile.... perhaps it'll work on mommy, too!?

We returned from San Antonio on Friday night, so that I could get some good sleep before the big pumpkin day. Saturday morning, I went to gymnastics & then to my good friend & neighbor, Mimi Carlisle's, fun birthday party. After a nap.... the sugary fun began.

I got dressed up in my Pebbles costume (made with love by my Gingi). Then, mom gave me my very first ponytail... complete with a bone & a bow. Once I was in character, mom assured me that all I had to do was smile at people & say "tee taa" (aka: trick-or-treat) to get all kinds of candy. So - I made a few practice trick-or-treating runs at KK's house & scored BIG TIME, because at each practice run... she gave me more & more candy!!! Uncle Brandon stopped by to see me, and then I was off to Gingi & Popi's house.

Popi was still out of town, but Bebay came home for the festivities.... so once we got to Gingi's house - I did my thang & scored even MORE sweets. By this point, I was getting the hang of this "tee taa" business. I must say that my Bebay was dressed up like a monkey, and even though I love to look at monkies in books, I was not so thrilled to see her wearing ears & a tail... it freaked me out a little (ok - lot)... you'll see in the photos. After Gingi & Bebay loaded my bag full of more sugar, we headed to DooDah's house. I ran up to his door & low 'n' behold.... he had candy, too!

Finally... it was time to meet up with my buddy, Sydney, for some door-to-door candy hunting. We met at our house & dad rigged my big wagon with lights, so that us half-pints didn't have to walk a million miles. Sydney was a very tasteful & fancy pink princess... lucky her - she got to wear a tutu!

The candy was flowin' in Santa Rita, even though I was less than confident about approaching some of my neighbors, who were rather extravagantly dressed up to hand out candy! I would run up close to the door, but then retreat & ask mom to "hold tu" (aka: hold me) to get candy. Each time I got a piece, I'd rejoice & head back to the wagon for more "tee taa-ing". We ended the night at my cousin, Steven's house... he was dressed up like a wacko soccer player... even he gave me the heebie jeebies a little. We made the rounds around our neighborhood for almost 2 whole hours... yup - we're troopers, eh?

Sydney & I were both strung out on sugar for a while last night! My mom & dad let me stay up past my bedtime.... or perhaps they were just confident that I was not going to settle down easily after so much endulging. I ran around like a wild woman, until I crashed out pooped from a long, hard day of playing. It is hard work being so cute, but it is definitely worth it when you get mounds of yumminess. Mom & dad mentioned several times that they were glad to be "falling back" this weekend (whatever that means!?)

* click HERE to see all of the photos from the night in Snapfish album *