Wednesday, June 23

hello hudson & numero uno daddio

We had a big shindig for Sarah's baby - Baby Hudson (what a hot name for a little boy, eh!?) - at our casa this past weekend. Everything went off without a hitch. We had a heck of a crowd of 35+ peeps... finger-licking food... and some darn cute decorations, too. Sarah let me help her open all of the gifts for Baby H - and let me tell you... that sweet little dude in her tummy racked up some serious loot! It was nice to get to show off in front of a bunch of sweet ladies, including some of mommy's dearest friends from high school. Ardynn wore the adorable new dress that Julie (Sarah's sis) made for her... and I wore one that matched perfectly, so I must say - we made a Kodak Moment pair for sure!

Everyone seemed to have a good time & the partay was over just in time for this sleeping beauty to hit the sack for a much needed post-present-opening nap. ;o) I was a little confused when I woke up to find NOT A SINGLE present left in my living room... gee - doesn't that Hudson know he should share his toys??!! He He... just joking, buddy!

On Sunday, we celebrated Daddy's Day.... Daddy snuck off to play golf with his buddies. When he got home, we surprised him with a HUGE snow cone from Alex & Sylvia’s (his VERY FAVORITE treat… and mine, too) and let him open his gift. Later in the evening, we went out to Popi & Gingi's house to swim & eat BBQ.... they were out of town, but the water still felt pretty darn good. I know just about every kiddo on the planet probably told her Daddio that he was the bestest ever, but I hate to break it to you kids.... Our daddy really, REALLY is the bestestestest! I am beyond blessed to have you to call my "Daddy-cita". Thank you for all of your very hard work, Daddy... and for loving us every single day (even on our not-so-good days)... you rock!!