Monday, July 6

floats to fireworks....

Golly Gee... I hope your Fourth of July festivities were as fun as ours were (but maybe a little less exhausting)! We began the day by walking in our new neighborhood's annual Independence Day Parade. Bebay & Mom decorated a float (a big wagon) for me & even though they were nervous that I might try to jump ship during the parade, I was actually quite content waving my flag & smiling to all of the spectators along the route! Our house is on one of the streets that the parade passes, so all of my grandmas & grandpas... as well as Bebay, Uncle Brandon, Aunt Terry, Uncle Chanc, & my cousin Chris were sitting just in the median in front of our new house. Despite the extra warm temperatures, they had great seats!

The rest of the day was spent out at Gingi & Popi's house with some of Gingi's family from Abilene. I gotta tell you people... I am really starting to looooove the water. I swam & swam & swam in their pool. Aunt Terry even dunked me under the water a couple of times (something my scaredy cat parents have been too nervous to try) & she and DooDah tossed me back in forth to one another (see one of the videos below). Much to those adults surprise... the water in my face didn't bother me one ounce... I immediately came up wanting MORE every time!

I also went for my first ride on one of Popi's Sea Doos.... don't worry - he kept it on idle the whole time, and we just went in figure 8s in front of their house. Pretty soon, there's no doubt that I'll be screaming... "Faster, Popi, Fasterrrrr!" And later, DooDah took me & my great-grandma for a ride on his boat. He even let me drive for a while. I kinda think I was making mom & grandma dizzy, because I only new how to steer us in circles... hehehe! (see video below)

After we had eaten fantastic food all day long, it was time for the fireworks display. The fireworks that daddy & Popi set off in our back yard were loud & close enough to keep my attention, but the ones that were set off over the lake were just a little too late for this chicka. I'd had a long day & I was pooped by that time, so even though everyone raved about what a great display it was this year... I was squirmy & fidgety. What are you dorks thinking.. keeping me up so late after such a long, hard day of play???

Hope your 4th of July was fantastic.... I had a blast with all of my aunts, uncles, & cousins & hope you did, too! Many thanks to all of our service men & women (past & present).... how lucky we are to live in AMERICA!! :o)