Saturday, February 28

you want ME to share MY trefoils??

Yeah, right... good luck getting me to share my trefoils (GS shortbreads). After discovering these jems today - I think I'll be a Girl Scout, just so I can eat them every year!

Mom & dad bought a couple of boxes of cookies from some cute girls outside of Sams today. Dad said that he felt a little sorry for them, as they were standing out in the sleet & rain in this cold weather... and that he knew what goes around - comes around... and some day he'd be standing outside in the freezing rain with me selling something for a fundraiser.

Boy am I ever glad he had a heart today, because those cookies are D-E-licious! I didn't even share one crumb with my buddy Keecha - sorry pooch, but these cookies are just too yummy!

The video below is just a silly video from today. You've seen my find my belly button before (a long time ago), but I guess they thought this video was cute enough to share with everyone. You'll also get a glimpse of the "little stinker" attitude I've been copping lately... hehehe. The video's not much, but perhaps it'll appease the grandparents until we're back to Tejas in a few weeks. Love you all... ♥x♥x♥x♥x

Thursday, February 26


Woot, woot... it was a 6o degree February day, so you better believe that Mia & I demanded to be taken to the pizzark. It was still a little breezy, and my looney tunes mom forgot my jacket, but it didn't slow me down any.

Once again, we ate some more dirt and threw some more bark. We also played peek-a-boo when we found each other's face between the tic.tac.toe board. Check out the video to see us playing.

After the swinging, sliding, climbing, & bark throwing, we were famished, so we took a break for lunch. Mom snapped a few pictures of us eating & of me tickling Mia's toes. With our tummy's full & our gas tanks near empty, our mommies headed home so that us munchkins could both take a good nap. Whew... let's do it again tomorrow!

Sunday, February 22

socky took a swim

Earlier today, after our hibachi lunch with Gingi & Popi (who came to town for a quick visit)... Popi took me out to see the fish pond. He gave me penny upon penny & let me make "wish" after "wish". What fun!

Nobody bothered to mention that I should not throw everything into the pond, so when Popi (& Daddy & Gingi) ran out of pennies, without any hesitation whatsoever, I proceeded to send Socky for a swim, too. I guess the water was a little chili, because mom snatched her out immediately. That wish should definitely come true, because my Socky was a much bigger donation than any penny!

Enjoy these pictures from today's lunch... thanks for coming to visit with us, Gingi & Popi... miss you already!

my 1st pred's game

Mommy & I planned on taking daddy out to celebrate his good news on Thursday night.... PF Changs was the restaurant of choice....quite a treat for us! Courtney & Troy agreed to come, too... so off we went (without reservations) to celebrate with some Chinese. When we got there, the silly waitress told us that it would be almost an hour wait...uggghh - the night was not starting off so well.

Just as I was about to get impatient & let the entire packed restaurant know that I was hungry, Troy surprised daddy - telling him that his friend had a few box seat tickets to the Predator's game that night. That was enough said for daddy... his exact words were... & I quote... "forget the hour wait - I'll have a hot dog." hahaha... oh, how he loves his hockey!

The game was a blast (not that I watched 2 minutes of it)... even better was that I could run up and down the halls of the box level. I snuck into several other suites... chowed down on the munchies... and even flirted with the nice bar tender in the hall, until he gave me a chocolate chip cookie.

Unfortunately, because she was caught off guard - mom was not prepared & the camera battery bit the dust after a few shots... but she did get some for you to see. Thanks so much to Mr. Troy for letting us join him at the game... it was the PERFECT celebration evening for daddy....much better than any stinky Chinese food would have been!