Friday, December 28

happy christmas everyone

IMG_1067 I have been impatiently waiting for Santa this year.  I am not sure what came over me, but I was just so excited about the big guy landing his sleigh at our house… and he DID NOT disappoint.  We kicked off our Christmas Vacation by decorating Christmas cookies for Santa at Gingi & Popi’s house with Bebay.  We made lots of cookies & lots of mess :o)

Christmas Eve service was great this year, too!  We got all dolled up in our best fancies & even little Ardynn got to skip the nursery & join us in big church.  You’ll see a few photos by the big tree at church.  It was a small Christmas miracle that the Bean let us take even one photo!

When we got home, we picked the perfect cookies for Santa with a glass of milk….  & made sure to leave some carrots for the reindeer (I had daddy ask Siri – on his phone – what reindeer eat, & since we were short on the mistletoe & small rodents, we settled on carrots).  It was tough to get to bed, as we were beyond pumped… but in addition to being pumped, we were also POOPED… so it didn’t take long before we were nestled all snug in our beds with visions of sugar plums all a dance in our heads.

Christmas morning was all we imagined… Santa went above & beyond!!!  All of our families joined us for breakfast at our house… and then we started our routine Christmas rotations.  We had lunch at Gingi & Popi’s house & dinner with DooDah & KK.  It was an amazing day spent making lots of memories.  happy, happy christmas, everyone!! … & happy birthday baby Jesus!

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