Friday, July 18

trip around tejas!

Well... apologies to my avid readers (if I have any left), but I had to take a break from writing for a little while, as my crazy parents drug me all the way to Texas for a couple of weeks. It was quite an exhausting trip - 11 hours to Big D & then another 5 hours to San Angelo, but I must say - - - they got out very easily. I rode most of the way without making so much as a peep! But let me just tell you - after that long in the same car seat... my li'l tooshy will never be the same!
Now - why mi padres felt the need to parade me around the entire state of Texas, I'll never know, but nonetheless - we did make a few stops along our journey. On the way to San Angelo, we stopped in Dallas to see mom & dad's friends - Robin & Tressie. We spent the night with Uncle Joel & Aunt Gena, and visited with Uncle Mike, too! On the road to San Angelo, we stopped in Abilene at my cousins' baseball game, where we got to visit with all of my fun aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins!

For my 6 month half-birthday, we celebrated with fireworks at Gingi & Popi's lake house! I mean come on - nothing but the best for this girl, eh? (I suppose I should confess that my half-birthday was on July 4th, and that the fireworks were perhaps maybe not just for me, but it's fun to pretend, anyhow - he he).

As if all of this were not enough, we made a trip to Austin. Aunt Sarah & Uncle Jon had us over for dinner, and there were a couple of other babies....just my size - Taylor (9 months) & Will (5 days younger than me). We also had lunch with the LEWRIGHT crew, too! They were so sweet, and gave me a cute t-shirt that said "Texas Princess". I swam in my diaper with Uncle Joe and loved playing with the fountains in his pool. It was so great to meet my big family in Austin!
On our way back to good ole' Tennessee, we stopped in Big D again to see daddy's buddy Jeff. We stayed with Aunt Bebay in her new apartment, and then headed out early the next morning for the last leg of the trip. Whew! I deserve a medal!

I did so many other things in Texas, too...... I can't name them all.

I swam with my friend, Sydney.
I met lots of new friends at Granna & Doodah's BBQ.
I got to pet the new baby horse at Gingi & Popi's ranch.
I met some of my future baby-sitters at mommy's old work - the gymnastics gym. (ha ha)
I took a ride on DooDah's boat.
I ate my first bite of a famous Tropical Snow snow cone. (courtesy of Sylvia & Alex)

And just for kicks -
I threw my first small temper tantrum when Popi took something away from me - ha - check out the video!

Well - sorry about being so long-winded this time, but we had a lot of catching up to do. Below is a hodgepodge of pictures & videos from my trip to Tejas. I hope you can make heads or tails out of it all :o)