Wednesday, November 11

i ♥ nashville

Oh, how nice it was to return to my birthplace :o)... although the trip was way too short, it was great to visit all of our awesome old friends there & to see all of the beautiful, colorful trees this time of year!

Courtney & Troy were so great to invite us to stay with them. They are preparing to move to a new home in a couple of weeks, so we appreciate them letting us stay in their "old casa" one last time! I slept like a champ every night with mom & dad in the huge king-sized bed in their guest bedroom (you'll see some of the photos of me snoozing). We also drove up to Gallatin to see their FANTABULOUS new house, too... I loved running around that big empty place. Even more exciting.... they can tell everyone that they live in the house where Taylor Swift filmed one of her music videos... cool, huh?? We didn't get a glimpse Taylor herself, but I did get to see the room where she filmed... ooooooh! aaaaaaah!

When we arrived on Thursday night, the Johnsons had us over for dinner. Mia & I got to have a late-night play date. Our parents let us stay up, since we obviously don't get to see each other all that much these days. We had a blast playing with all of Mia's toys... there was nothing odd about it... we went on without missing a beat. I am not so sure why everyone thought we wouldn't remember each other - we practically saw one another every single day for the first year of our lives... duh!

On Saturday morning, we had breakfast at Mia's Mimi's house & once again, it was just like it always was... Mimi's waffles were out of this world! We then finished up our afternoon by visiting the mall, where we both got to ride several carousels. I have never been a fan of those roundy-round things, but after a couple of tries... I saw how much fun Mia was having & decided it was not all that bad!! Thanks to the Johnsons & Mimi for being such wonderful hosts!

Friday night, we met some friends for dinner at Mafiaoza's... one of our very favorite Nashvegas spots. The pizza was yummy, but the company was even better! I got to hang out with my buddies, Alek & Ashton... the chefs gave us kids some pizza dough to play with & then Jenn brought out the videos on her I-Phone, both of which made dinner 100% more interesting.

After seeing Troy & Courtney's new house on Saturday, we headed over to Erica & Brennan's house for the Tennessee game.... I got to sport my new UT hat for the occasion. Aunt Jess came, too. Aunt E & Uncle B's dog, Sammy, was such a good sport & let me take over his toys & house. Mom got some good photos of me playing with Sammy & of me sharing my stickers with everyone. The dips & appetizers were delicioso, as always.... thanks to the Mooneys for inviting us over... thanks for taking this muchkin into consideration - - it was nice to be able to run aroun & visit, instead of being stuck in a stinkin' high chair in a restaurant somewhere.

Our trip was great.... both legs of the drive & airplane flights were pretty easy this time. I always surprise mom & dad with my travel etiquette. Unfortunately, I did get sick over they course of the trip & am trying to finally kick my bronchitis in the butt this week. I hope I did not get all of our Nashville friends sick... that was not the thank you present I wanted to leave with all of you!! :o)