Friday, April 24

...take it to the finish, daddy!

My daddy is running in Nashville's Country Music 1/2 marathon tomorrow morning with 30,000 other peeps.... 13 miles is quite a task, so I thought I'd give him a few words of encouragement....

Monday, April 20

moving...schmuving... where's my room?

Golly Gee Wizzo... it's been a busy few days. Over the weekend, we packed up most of our belongings, loaded them onto the humungo trailer, & shipped them off for San Angelo. We also moved some of our things into our transition apartment (only 5 miles or so from our old house). Needless to say - it's been a trying time for all of us!

As if the move was not enough stress alone... my silly 'ole body decided that it was time for me to get a cold. I was a stuffy, snotty, fevery, goupy-eyed girl for most of the weekend. You can probably tell from some of the photos that I've been feeling less that stellar, but thank goodness my Gingi was here for the week to help.... when she was not packing any & everything she could find, she was cuddling with me, playing with me, taking me for walks, feeding me,... the list goes on. She was a life saver! Popi also came to town for the weekend to help us load the trailer & move to the apartment. Boy - he was loading stuff like nobody's business... he oughtta be sore today!!!

After a lot of madness & a little drama, we are moved into our new place & we signed away the keys to our home this afternoon... so I suppose I should thank all of you for your continued thoughts & prayers! I've included just a few of the photos from our move & a few from the last couple of nights in our new home. It's a little cozy "aka: small"....and it's taking me a little while to get used to sleeping here, but... I think after a while, I might adjust & stop giving the parents a hard time... probably just about the time we'll have to pack up & move again! ha!

Oh - and you know how it goes with setting up all of the stuff at a new place. We're still missing out on cable at this point, but as you can see... we got our Internet working, so no fear blog watchers :o) Now can someone tell me how Dancing with the Stars went tonight???
hiding in the empty cabinets

playing with daddy's tools
yes... i'm part monkey
... & do a great impression of a monkey... i'll have to show you soon!

whoops... where'd that piece go??