Wednesday, October 20

jeepers... we've been nutty!

I am not sure where to begin & I can just about guarantee that I will not be able to tell you ALL of the madness that has happened over the past couple of weeks, so I will just give you the highlights.

Weekend before last, we took a trip to Fort Worth for yet another TCU Hornfrog game. Mommy & daddy had not planned on coming with Gingi, Popi, & me, but they were offered tickets to the Cowboy game that weekend and could not pass them up... so we all hit the road. I have become quite the Hornfrog fan, so I had a blast at the game (again)... and even better yet - - - on Sunday, before we headed home, Gingi & Popi took the bean & me to the Fort Worth Zoo. Oh, yeah... those grandparents know how to spoil a couple 'o' girls, huh!?

On Tuesday of last week, we hosted a bunch of kiddos & mommies at our casa for our regular Tuesday afternoon playgroup. We had a good crowd... the group consists of mostly babies around Ardynn's age, but Sydney came over with her new baby sis, too. It was a blast.... Sydney & I kinda hung out by ourselves in my new "house" (aka: the guest bedroom, that I have taken over & claimed as my own - I even went so far as to borrow some of mommy's Halloween decorations from around the house to hang on "MY front door").

We left AGAIN on Wednesday to head back to the Metroplex.... this time mommy & daddy had a meeting to go to in Dallas, so Ardynn & I were lucky enough to spend a couple of days hanging out with Gingi, Popi, & Uncle Mike. On Thursday, we went to the Arboretum & saw what seemed like every single pumpkin this side of the Midwest... there were bajillions 'o' punkins.... Gingi & Uncle Mike took some cute photos (below). Thennnn.... on Friday, while mom & dad were at the second day of their meeting, we all got to take a trip to the State Fair. Among several adventures that day, I rode my very first roller coaster with Uncle Mike... won a couple of stuffed animals (just what every girl's gotta have for good attendance at her next tea party).... and even was awarded a GIGANTIC Care Bear by a sweet passer by who thought I was cute enough to take it home for him. It would be an understatement to say that I enjoyed myself that day. On our way out of town, we stopped by to see Andy, Jessica, & new baby June. Whoa... she is a teeny tiny little bundle of love who made Ardynn look like a sumo wrestler. It was good to get to see her oh, so beautiful self in person & to visit with the new little family for a bit! All in all, it was a pretty stinkin' good weekend and we are all still recovering from the napless days & not-so-sleep-filled nights.

This week has not slowed down too much... I went to the pumpkin patch with my class this morning & hammed it up for the cameras, if you can believe that ;o) I picked out the perfect punkin' & posed with Judson for a few shots... you'll see them below. I have also included a video.... I am really enjoying my school (Sierra Vista Kid's Day Out) lately, and you will see that I really pay attention to my teacher, because in the video my mom caught, I spent about 5 minutes directing my students (technically - my goldfish crackers) to sit down in a "straight line" and eat their lunch, to go outside for playtime after we finished center time, and then to go home with their mommies. Nevermind that I got a little hungry toward the end of the video & decided to snack on a couple of my students... hehehe... a girl's gotta eat when she is hungry, right!?

So - there is the short version of our crazy couple of weeks. I will try to be better about getting updates posted now that things should slow down a little bit. HA ... slow is not exactly how this toddler rolls these days, so don't expect too much change ;o) hehehe!

trip to Fort Worth for TCU game
play date at our casa

trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see the bajillion pumpkins

our first trip to the Texas State Fair

@ Andy, Jessica, & Baby June's house

my class trip to the pumpkin patch
dressing up Ardynn... isn't she a cute pumpkin?!?