Sunday, January 8

FOUR… and one to grow on

IMG_3829 I’m not gonna lie… this has been my favorite birthday so far! On Wednesday morning when I woke up… my first words were…. wait for it…. wait for it… I bet you can guess…. “I’m FOOOOUR!”  It’s a rather big step for a little girl, wouldn’t you say?!  I actually “get it” this year… you know – I get why everyone gets so excited about their big day every year… I get to add another finger when people ask how old I am.  Woot!

My day was made even better, because I got to go back to school after the holidays.  Mommy made iced sugar cookies – PINK ones & PURPLE ones – for me to share with all of my besties at school.  I was beyond excited, because Ms. Coffee let me pass out my cookies & everyone sang to me.  We had lunch with daddy at his office after school… and then we had the whole fam over to our house that night for a small shindig.  Mommy whipped up a strawberry cake (per my request) and my favorite part of all…… we had CHICK-FIL-A nuggets for dinner!  What a sweet little party… new fun toys, yummy birthday cake, my amazing family, and 4 --- yes F-O-U-R candles on my cake (I actually had 5 candles, if you count the fun sparkly pink number 4 in the middle - “one to grow on” they said).  Now I’m counting down to my “PINK PARTY” next Saturday… oh yeah!


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