Sunday, December 21

can i get some prayers for our travels?

We're heading out to Texas today... driving the whole 16 hours... woo hoo! After a minor catastrophe last night with our car (don't worry - my daddy's a genius & fixed 'er up), we're headed out a little later than we'd hoped, but we're headed out nonetheless. It's a good thing we got my new & improved big girl car seat! I just can't wait to sit in it for that long - ha! Mom took a picture yesterday for you.

We'd appreciate a little prayer power for the next couple of days, as we make our way home for Christmas. We'll be praying for you and your travels this holiday season, too! More later... gotta hit the road!

Saturday, December 20

our non-present Christmas EXTRAVAGANZA

So let's just say - when our mom's decided that Mia & I should not exchange gifts this year, but instead open boxes filled with "other stuff"... we were a little hesitant.... WHAT NO GIFTS?? But, I must say - our mommies know best (take it while you can get it - I won't always say that, mommy). hehe!

After stuffing our tummies full of pot roast, potatoes, carrots, rolls, mac 'n' cheese, & bananas.... we dug right into the dessert.... our non-PRESENTS!

In case you are wondering... we already have this unwrapping thing down pat. We tore into the ribbon 'n' paper & pulled open the boxes to find some mighty fun stuff. We are no doubt prepared for our approaching first birthday parties.

Two of the boxes were filled with silver tinsel & as you can see - it was a HIT! One of the other boxes was filled with tissue and empty water jugs... the box was so big, we almost fell into it. And one other box had 2 yellow bouncy balls... one for me & one for Mia.

We all had so much fun tonight... even the daddies were goofing off, too. I think they liked our non-PRESENTS as much as we did.

Even though Mia & I won't be able to see each other on Christmas Day... we're now confident that the other can survive the madness alone.
*** to see more pictures from our Christmas Partaaay... visit g & m's gift extravaganza ***

Friday, December 19

oh, my Aunt E gets me!

I went to lunch with my funny & sweet Aunt Erica today. She got to see me eat in full force... boy was she surprised when I started reaching for her salad & shoveling in whatever I could muster. We had a great lunch together.... and did she ever know how to make me smile!....

She gave me my Christmas present a little early & boy does she get me! She gave me a new book, a new little dress, & an ELMO!!!! Gosh - you should have seen my eyes light up when I pulled my good buddy Elmo out of that box. Well - I guess you can see for yourself in the pictures.

Thank you so much, Aunt E... you are definitely one of my favorite peeps ever :o)

Monday, December 15

sporks are overrated

... after all - the best eating utensils are FINGERS - I mean that IS why God made our hands.... am I right or am I right?

Butofcourse, my pushy parents have started trying to get me to use a baby spork sometimes. You'll see from the videos, that I get the concept and all - but it's just so much easier & faster to use my hands. Thank goodness I am ambidextrous, because while mom's trying to get me to use a spork with one hand, I can still shovel bananas in with my other hand in between scoops. Gotcha, mom!

It is kinda hard to scoop up anything from my flat tray, so if mom's not helping me scoop, I have to pick up the food & put it onto my spork first. You can see me do that in the 2nd video. Hey - I'm learning, and in the meantime I am having a blast. Dad says I'm too busy being a ham to practice my skills.... me a ham? no way.

Speaking of food... I am an eating machine these days. I will eat just about anything & everything in site... and the more flavor, the better!

Mom keeps making comments that this is the best "diet" she's ever been on... she does not even have to try & she's cutting calories, because I'm eating 1/2 of the food on her plate. You name it - I'll eat it.... & the bigger the portions, the better!

This week has been full of new foods... tortellini with meat sauce, garlic 'n' herb chicken, kielbasa turkey sausage, chicken strips, ranch style beans, mac 'n' cheese... and my very first Dunkin' Donut!!!

You all stay tuned - by my next doctor appointment, I'll be at the top of the chart for weight - I'm packin' it on baby...bring on the grownup food & forget the grownup utensils!

Friday, December 12

the jolly guy spooked me why didn't anyone warn me that Santa was a big stranger with a white beard & a funny laugh? He did seem like a nice enough fella, but I must admit... he made me a little nervous - - well, ok - a LOT nervous. I took one look at him & lost it. He was ok from far away, but you can see for yourself what I thought of the jolly guy when dad sat me in his lap. Mia showed me up & didn't seem to mind giving Santa a little bit of love. Way to be tough, Mia, - I bet you get all the good gifts this year, girl!

Before & after our Santa encounters, Mia & I did enjoy ourselves. There were all kinds of fun things to see - lights, trains, trees, & reindeer. If you haven't been - you should check out a Bass Pro Shop near you. The parents snapped several pictures of us.... so enjoy!

Oh... and Santa... I really hope you won't hold tonight's behavior against me. I was just caught off guard. I have been a really good girl all year ;o). Ummm.... would it help if I told you that your red suit was nice & I loved your reindeer!?!

*** if the pictures below don't quench your thirst...
you can see all of them on Snapfish... 1st santa encounter

Tuesday, December 9

these feet were made for walkin'

Whew - I'm burnin' calories these days baby.... up, down, up, down! I may not be overly efficient at motoring around upright (in fact I can definitely crawl faster than I can walk)... but today I've been walking more than ever! I have finally figured out how to stand up on my own, so when I fall down - I can get right back up & go again. I will say, though... if any of you need something to do - - - someone needs to invent baby booty protectors - my toosh is not all that padded & she's starting to feel a little wounded. In the videos, you can see that my skills in the walking department are much improved, but still a tad on the weak side.

Some of you have been asking about my interest in our Christmas tree. Well... to be honest - it's lost its luster a little compared to when it was brand new. Every once in a while - one of the sparklies will catch my eye & I have to check it out, but other than that... I have better things to do these days. With that said, mom & dad did catch me playing with a couple of the ornaments tonight. Not to worry... mom put plastic decor without hangers on the bottom couple of layers - - how'd she get so smart?

PS - notice there are not ANY presents under our tree??? It is making me a little nervous... hmmm? I'm counting on you, Santa!

Monday, December 8

my mommy is loved

My mom asked that I thank all of her sweet family & amazing friends for all of the birthday wishes & love. She says that she is very lucky to have such great people in her life... & I suppose & am lucky, too... I always get to tag along.

Earlier today, we had a fabulous lunch at Kellye's & I got to play with my BFF, Mia, for a long while! Then this evening, we ate with a few friends at La Paz, where Jessica & Erica were being goofy, goofy.... I loved it! I do believe that mom had a great birthday (not that I have had any to compare to it). From the bottom of mommy's OLD heart... THANK YOU!!!!

Also included are just a few pictures from this past weekend. When daddy wasn't studying... we watched a little football with Troy, Courtney, Becca, & Greg.... I love Courtney & Becca, but the verdict is still out on Troy & Greg! Ha.. not really - I just keep 'em on their toes!
**goofin' off w. erica & jess at dinner tonight**

giving "five" to Greg & distracting Troy, so I can have a taste (uh, oh - don't tell mom!)
playing with silly becca & crazy courtney

Wednesday, December 3

new red, shiny toys... they're for me, right?

Oh, man... you gotta get one of these trees for your house, too! Last night, daddy brought a BIG box down from somewhere upstairs & it had a tree in it. It didn't look like much at first, but now it's got all kinds of fun toys hanging ALL over it. First mom turned on some jingly music (which daddy quickly turned off), then she fixed the million lights all over it, then she put some sparkly, curly sticks on it, and then to top it off... she hung lots of shiny balls all over it. It lights up our whole room & I LOOOOOVE to play with it. Everyone should have one of these trees!

When I woke up this morning, the whole house was decorated in red & green. I am not sure what it all means... but let me tell you, I'm on sensory overload at this point. There's so much to play with, yet mom keeps moving me away from it all. Can't a girl have a little fun? Aren't these toys for me?? The dogs are not playing with them - so they must be mine!

Also - mom has been working tirelessly on some big socks for the past few weeks. This morning they were hung above the fireplace. I don't think she's quite finished with her sock yet (the middle one), but she put them up anyway. I have included a couple of pictures of our mantle... see what you think!? She keeps telling me that some big jolly guy will come & fill them with goodies soon.... well - hurry up big guy... when ya coming????
me 'n' my bestest bud.. keecha

helping daddy with the lights & showing off my ballet releve''s been working with me ;o) ha!

some trees that are just my size

oh man... knocked them over... but don't worry - I'll pick 'em up

get.... it... offfffff

ok... where's this santa dude... I'm calling him

see... I told you there were red & shiny!

me under the tree.... isn't that the best present of all?