Friday, September 13

her’s a piglet

IMG_9458IMG_9459At Annistyn’s 4 month doctor appointment, the doc gave mom the go-ahead to give the little darling some real grub!  We whipped her up some rice cereal & believe it or not – she liked that nasty, tasteless  junk :o).  It didn’t take her long to decide she liked food… no matter where it came from!   Even Ardynn & I got a chance to feed her.  Ardy was a little agressive with the spoon & sorta choked sweet Anni a couple of times (you’ll see in the photos)… that Ardynn, she’s crazy!

So – Anni is a great eater, just like her biggest sis (ME!).  We’ve yet to give her anything else just yet… but stay tuned for fruit & veggie updates… she oughtta love that flavor… I DO!



IMG_9463 IMG_9465





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Jordan said...

All of your girls are so precious! I love all of their personalities and facial expressions!! So fun! Charlotte likes "Baby Anni" in all these pictures!