Thursday, September 12

4 months…wait, NO – 5 months!

IMG_9659 Mommy can’t keep up with our little sprout.  She got the photos taken, but didn’t get them posted, so here are the udpates for our little “Anni Grace”…

@ 4 months, she was 11lbs, 14oz (10th percentile) & 24.5 inches (50th percentile)

@ 5 months, she’s a whopping 12lbs, 9oz (5th percentile) & 24.75 inches (28th percentile)

… she’s starting to be able to sit for a couple of seconds without falling over.  She LOVES her baby cereal & has started a tiny bit of formula (when mommy’s out ‘n’ about running us BIGs around town, it’s nice for her to be able to give the  booger a bottle!)  She smiles ALL of the time & likes to play with Ardynn & me (well – at least ME… Ardynn can be a little much for her sometimes!)  Mommy is so thankful that she’s consistently sleeping from about 9pm to 7am every night & is napping like a CHAMP in her crib.  She’s a doll.  We love her so.


IMG_9378 IMG_9379


IMG_9384 IMG_9391


IMG_9629 IMG_9632

IMG_9634 IMG_9642



IMG_9654 IMG_9656


IMG_9658 IMG_9659

IMG_9660 IMG_9662


IMG_9668 IMG_9669

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